Monte Alban-Zaachila Route

Monte Alban-Zaachila Route

Monte Alban-Zaachila Route

Entering the road to Sn. Bartolo Coyotepec you can visit the market of that community and the different houses of artisans where you can appreciate the way in which they make each of the handmade pieces of black clay.

From there we can take the detour to Zaachila and visit the ruins and more if it is Thursday to visit its market which has snows and delicious bread as well as empanadas to savor, you can also admire its majestic clock on one side of the church.

Recommended place to eat: La Capilla country restaurant.

At the exit we can appreciate a beautiful panorama of vegetation that connects with Cuilapan de Guerrero, in which we can visit its former convent and from there visit the place where the famous alebrijes are made from roots, which are colored figures painted by hand in wood. various shapes and sizes.

From there you can visit the ruins of Monte Albán, famous throughout the world and ancient capital of the Zapotecs and one of the first cities in Mesoamerica. At the main entrance is the site museum where the visitor can have an approach with the sites that he will visit within the archaeological zone.

From there we can take the detour to Sta. María Atzompa where we can buy some pieces of green and colored clay.

If you want to go further from the city, we take the route to Ocotlán de Morelos.

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