Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Money Things ... Banks, Coins and Credit Cards

Visitors can have access to ATMs. Those from Bancomer are available in the PLUS and CIRRUS systems, and offer menus in Spanish and English. Generally, you can change any type of currency at exchange houses and although dollars are accepted anywhere (and preferred), we recommend using pesos during your stay. Remember that hotels offer the lowest currency exchange and a little lower on travelers checks and there is no charge to change them.


Tips in Mexico generally follow the 15% regulation. It is customary to tip the dispenser at gas stations if they check the oil, water, or if they clean the windshield. In general, it is not customary to tip the taxi driver. Service personnel (waitresses, waiters, baggage handlers) are typically tipped as you would any of these anywhere else you travel.

### What to Pack ...

In Oaxaca, casual dress is appropriate on almost all occasions. In general, the climate of Oaxaca is hot with the exception of the city of Oaxaca in winter (you will need a sweater) and other regions deep in the mountains. There are some particular customs regarding "appropriate dress" for certain occasions:

Swimsuits (particularly for women) should not be worn outside the beach or pool area. Showy or suggestive clothing is not appropriate for small towns or within the city. Shorts or shorts should not be worn when entering a church.

Don't forget to pack: Sunglasses Suntan lotion An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses Comfortable walking shoes Travel documents Prescription A first aid kit A hat An insect repellent A portable lamp Small gadgets such as a tumble dryer Camera and rolls Extra batteries Spirit of adventure and a good sense of humor
### Traveling with ...

Traveling with babies and small children should not be a problem. Mexicans adore children and are used to seeing them in restaurants and hotels. Bring your own baby food, diapers, and medicine. They are available and cheap in Mexico but may not be the same. It is easy to get babysitters especially from the hotel maids. They do not generally speak English, but this does not seem to bother the children. Check with reception for details. Many hotels now offer programs for children, and that allows parents to enjoy some quiet time.

Disabled or Handicapped

Facilities for disabled travelers have improved in Mexico, although the lack of ramps, elevators, and sidewalks with an abundance of concrete stairs can make travel to Mexico difficult. However, in the city of Oaxaca there is an association called the State Council of Organizations of People with Disabilities AC, the President is Mr. Cornelio Núñez Díaz and the telephone number is (951) 3 83 79. Here they can help and inform you in case that I had any doubts.

### In case of theft...

Immediately report any theft or anomaly in services:

To the management of your hotel.

If you cannot find a satisfactory answer, go to the Tourist Protection Center. Av. Benito Juárez 703, Col. Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax. CP 68000 Tel. (951) 5021200 E-mail: [email protected]

If you are a witness to a crime, do not intervene at that time. Take data and seek police assistance, collaborating in the description of the event. Do not forget that you only need to be as careful as you would be in any other city in the world, so that you do not suffer an incident.

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